English Premiership Kick-off

This weekend the most watched league in the world, and according to some also the best league in the world (the everlasting discussion between fans of English, Spanish, Italian and to lesser extent German football fans), kicked off again: the English Premier League.

In theory I am more interested in the lower levels myself. The Premier League is very commercialised, all stadiums look very similar (sole exceptions this season to be Fulham, Everton who both have at least 1 old school stand, and tiny newcomer Blackpool) and the deja-vu feeling is often very big. The lower leagues often bring more old fashioned stadiums, enough clubs with tradition to make things interesting (think Leeds, Nottingham Forest, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, … the list is long) but also enough new faces and smaller teams on their way up (think Yeovil, Dag & Red, …). But like it or not, there is no escape from the Premiership even when I make the promise to dedicate not too much attention to it since several friends of mine cover the subject already extensively in their own blogs or sites.

However, one result caught my eye. While most people probably kept a look at Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and such, amongst the big scores of the weekend was Wigan-Blackpool. Many people saw in Blackpool a sure relegator: the team last year in the Championship hardly wanted anything else but survival and by accident and against all odds suddenly found themselves in the play-off final beating Cardif City to claim a spot in the Premiership. Money concerns meant that eccentric manager Holloway (famous for his colourful interviews and metaphors) could not strengthen the team up to EPL standards, and as the tiny ground in the English coastal resort was not up to EPL standards neither several early home fixtures were changed into away fixtures. People feared the worst for the Seasiders. I am quite curious if they can continue on the winning path and probably they won’t, but against all odds the game in Wigan (moved from Blackpool to Wigan due to the Blackpool ground not being ready yet to host EPL games) finished in a 0-4 victory for… Blackpool. Even when people probably have lot of talking to do about the big guns, to me this score is by far the most remarkable score of the weekend. Can the Seasiders surprise the world once again this season just like they did last year? Facts are they got little to lose after the negative press predictions, and after the scoreline of this game the fear they’d be whipping boys this season will probably at least be reconsidered for now …


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An Aspie who has had a lifelong fascination with travelling, discovering new cultures and discovering new ways of life, and with a strange attraction to the less known and often forgotten places in the world. And very obsessed with sports and music.
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