Some spectacular goal averages (or records?) in Belgian football

Last weekend, two very shocking results were to be noted in the amateur divisions (regional level) of Belgian’s women football. But the most shocking part, was the goal average involved. I think we are heading for some records here… These are the two results I was talking about, both games played last weekend:

Ladies’ 2nd provincial level A Brabant:
Ottignies B – R. La Hulpe SC : 28-0
After 15 out of 28 games played, La Hulpe has 0 points, scored just 2 goals and has … 398 goals against them. Their goal average thus is -396 after just 15 games.

In average La Hulpe has had 26.53 goals against them per game so far. Imagine this goes on exactly the same way in the remaining 13 games, 351 more goals will be added to the tally of goals against. That would result in a final 749 goals against them in 28 games.

Only slightly "better": ladies’ 3rd provincial level East Flanders:
Rupelmonde – Daknam : 0-13
After 18 out of 30 games played, Rupelmonde has 0 points, scored 8 goals, and had 316 goals against them. Which means a goal average of -308 for now.

In average, Rupelmonde had 17.5 goals against them per game so far. If the trend goes on in the remaining 12 games, 216 more goals will be scored against them. In total they’d end the season with 532 goals against.

I am not sure if I ever saw teams with over 300 goals against them roughly halfway the season, and nearly 400 goals against them definitely is something I never heard of before. Because it isn’t in the professional divisions, probably the scorelines and goal averages will remain unnoticed, but I do think we’re heading for some records to be broken…

PS: in a way I have a deep respect for the girls of these two teams who, despite the very heavy defeats weekly, still go on that pitch every week purely for pleasure, and give the best they can. That is the real spirit of football and in a way deserves at least as much appreciation as the stars of the sport who do the most magical things with a ball but wouldn’t bother without very high salary.


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